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M-Theory 1 M-Theory 1

Rated 5 / 5 stars

So well put together that Iwownedasmed.

The mastering and sonic pwnage of the many diverse and contrasting parts was done with great prowess. Blah blah blah. You invented a new genre: elctronic acoustica. You took the mixing of those two elements to the next level son. It's like Butter and bread, beer and pong, boobies and football. Hold up, I'm finna hit the pipe real quick...

Fan freeakin tastic on the percussion. It flows like a drummer would...every one of those hat samples are filthy should at least brush them off. And you know I love the kick. I envision that kick as a robotic arm on an assembly line that punches down with an "uhn" onto the belt. Everytime it lifts a new hershey's kiss is born.

The extended breakdown at 2:15 is powerful. It keeps the energy of the song yet flows with ambience. I hear so much more with my headphones, haha, that is great. And it cuts so nicely when you close the hats.

So much to this song. I love how it explores every single possibility there is with the parts you have incorporated. I like bass with kick at 4:05 especially. And then at 4:35 fuckin the Admiral returns with a can of "shut the hell up and dance"

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AdmiralConquistador responds:

Man, I'm so glad you liked this song evan, I pooped my heart into this little track! 6 minutes of my blood and guts. I'm so glad you liked the percussion too, I just needed to get funky with it for once in my life.
Shut the hell up and dance!


Tease me (1:04) Tease me (1:04)

Rated 4 / 5 stars


What's up man! Sorry I couldn't get to your page sooner. You know how it is...anyway, this track freaked me out. It has a trippy quality to it that made me think of Clockwork Orange. I'm serious, this song almost persuaded me to shave my head and begin ridding the world of zero voters. Or was it cats? I dont know. Very interesting.

On a more critical side, I was yearning for something even more. Some more diversity, maybe another riff or sound to take over for a second and draw me deeper...something with a murderous rage. Come to think of it, this song might be close to straight up Evil. Still fun nonetheless. Finish it up! See ya WinT


WinTang responds:

Hehehehe, nice one mate. Nice to hear from you again!

Expansion of this song is in preparation. I will strive to make it as evil as possible, and will probably invent a few new riffs to fuck around with. It'll be fun.

The Clockwork Orange reference fills me with joy. Thanks a lot and see ya around!

Take to the Sky (14sec) Take to the Sky (14sec)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Via sound engine perhaps?

This is cool. Could definitely become a great track. I'm loving the synth and even more so, that pad is fantastic. I can really hear the difference that your midi keyboard is making. Niiiicce.

Stratodancer v2.0 (4min29sec) Stratodancer v2.0 (4min29sec)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm mooooovin

Haha, I love what you did with the kick. That short, staccato way it sounds when it comes in is tyeeeet.

The bass sounds thicker......wwhooooaaaaaatttt????!!!!! What the hell just happened to my head? It just faded and "damnit, he just put an adbridged version" turns to "Oh poop it just struck me in the jaw!" That was gorgeous. I like the filters you put on the harmony synth, that's just what it needed. Good remix to an already awesome song.

Drive by(51 secs) Drive by(51 secs)

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Dude, I love Stratodancer so fucking much, I'm gonna review this one just so I can tell you again how much i love stratodancer so fucking much. ok, that didn't make sense, but I'm pretty sure that song is the soundtrack to my life. Where are you? I'm so sad we aren't freakin working on something together right now. Mewownet. That is all. (I like drive by too...but not as much as stratodancer...or the name, "Stratodancer" Fuck.)

Stratodancer (4min33sec) Stratodancer (4min33sec)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Who..uhhh...ummmmm, but who... woanedit?

Yay! I love how it came out. Was this bassline in there before? I can't remember, but I love it

What if you run that pad through a vocoder...then again maybe not. Worth a ponder?

Remember in "high on life" how every time EVERY TIME that part hit, we were like 'DDDAMN..why not me?' Well that happens only once in this song - when the melody is initially introduced. And the problem therein is, I see an opportunities for this to happen at least 5 or 6 more times.

For example, I'd love to hear your arpeggio make more of an entrance. Like Ross at a party....Let it have some alone time without the lead as it deserves just as much listener-ear sex as that lead.

Ok, now I come to the lead and holy steamy poop did it come out good. It works the bassline like a French whore. And no one else can write a harmony that dances around the lead like the Admiral can. The benign sine was the perfect sonic choice.

And finally, F that thing we were working on before. I why don't we put some lyrics on this one...damnit it I want that mic this week! Think about it and let me know.

5 fo sho!

-Orr-Dancing with the Spirits -Orr-Dancing with the Spirits

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Smashing good time...

HAHA!!! I absolutely love that breakdown into half-time. Your drums sound dirty but crisp all at once. Great job on percussion all around. The synth that "rains" down at that point is perfect.

I'm digging they delay time on your piano part. I wanna hear more of that. Of course, I'm a piano guy so that's that...

The only suggestions I have would be about EQing and sound production. I would definitely bring that bass out more at times. Or make that jumping lead stab a bit harder. All your pieces are well written and work together like champs, but they could be more powerful. I'm not sure if it's EQ or timbre selection. Good stuff either way Orr!



-=LJC=- Pureed Guitar strings -=LJC=- Pureed Guitar strings

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Perfect name...

Dude, I feel like my ears decieve me. This is great! So very crisp. HOW?! You have some of the most unique stuff since aphex Twin. Cool thing is, you're not cramping on his have a style entirely your own.

Haha, that beat sounds so good under the guitar. Great little strum riff. This will played often in my car I do believe. Well done. You get a full 10/10, 5/5.

I'm moving to Orlando soon. We should look into a possibly very lucrative collab relationship.

Check the latest the Admiral and I have worked out...It's for another one of his production company's films-- "The Arsenal"

LJCoffee responds:

Orlando eh? Frop me a line and I'll pop out there and meet you for coffee or some other such nonsense.

Thanks for the review! I'll look into the new stuff that you and Admiral are doing.

Brain Control--_--(5:25) Brain Control--_--(5:25)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Nobody DESERVES anything

Now shit can be earned. And I will say that you earned a review because you know what you're doing.

I gotta start off by saying that trance is so hard because it's really all been done before. Nevertheless, I could jam out to this. Cool use of filters and EQ's. The string pad you have for the breakdown blows though. If you're using FL, i KNOW you could find something more interesting. What were you thinking?

I'm not hearing enough lows in the kick. You either pumped the EQ at too high a frequency or you need to mix in the lows a little better. You could double the energy of this track with a kick that throbs at 200Hz.

All around well done. Way to go for 5 minutes!


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PERVOK responds:

Wow man, its ben forever since I've heard from you! Thanks for a review!

This songis a quick remaster of a really really old song, my friend. Thats probably why it sounds so cliche and shit. The kick was a quick remaster as well; I didn't check it out on other systems.

The string at the end was a string I always used to use back in the day. I just never took the time to change it into something sexy.

Thank you again for a great review, good sir!

Why Birds Sleep Well (Part 1) Why Birds Sleep Well (Part 1)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow, all 10's

That string riff is menacing. I like how it just falls into place there. This takes me to a mysterious forest. It is somewhat menacing but not frightening or scary in anyway. It keeps me on my toes but is somewhat relaxing at the same time. Does that make and freakin sense at all??
This piece would be great for a soundtrack.

Perfect sounds for the best, soft and natural sounding. That actually sounds like a Korg soundbank...what are you using?

Quite enjoyable, thanks!


Gillenium responds:

Hey thanks for the kind words! I get my samples from eeeeeverywhere. It's hard to tell where all of them came from. I make some of them myself, too! I use Fruity Loops for sequencing, Adobe Audition for wav editing, and Ableton Live for tempo and sound effects.