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ohhhhhhh AND it's in widescreen!

I love everything about it. Cool message, the artwork is unique. And I forgot how much I love the soundtrack for A Beautiful Mind! Well done.

Proper job

Well, I said it dudes. Proper job. That thing looked, sounded, and smelled on point.

well uh...

That was insane. By insane I mean, I have no idea what I just watched, but it looked and sounded pretty cool

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So well put together that Iwownedasmed.

The mastering and sonic pwnage of the many diverse and contrasting parts was done with great prowess. Blah blah blah. You invented a new genre: elctronic acoustica. You took the mixing of those two elements to the next level son. It's like Butter and bread, beer and pong, boobies and football. Hold up, I'm finna hit the pipe real quick...

Fan freeakin tastic on the percussion. It flows like a drummer would...every one of those hat samples are filthy dirty...you should at least brush them off. And you know I love the kick. I envision that kick as a robotic arm on an assembly line that punches down with an "uhn" onto the belt. Everytime it lifts a new hershey's kiss is born.

The extended breakdown at 2:15 is powerful. It keeps the energy of the song yet flows with ambience. I hear so much more with my headphones, haha, that is great. And it cuts so nicely when you close the hats.

So much to this song. I love how it explores every single possibility there is with the parts you have incorporated. I like bass with kick at 4:05 especially. And then at 4:35 fuckin the Admiral returns with a can of "shut the hell up and dance"

AdmiralConquistador responds:

Man, I'm so glad you liked this song evan, I pooped my heart into this little track! 6 minutes of my blood and guts. I'm so glad you liked the percussion too, I just needed to get funky with it for once in my life.
Shut the hell up and dance!



What's up man! Sorry I couldn't get to your page sooner. You know how it is...anyway, this track freaked me out. It has a trippy quality to it that made me think of Clockwork Orange. I'm serious, this song almost persuaded me to shave my head and begin ridding the world of zero voters. Or was it cats? I dont know. Very interesting.

On a more critical side, I was yearning for something even more. Some more diversity, maybe another riff or sound to take over for a second and draw me deeper...something with a murderous rage. Come to think of it, this song might be close to straight up Evil. Still fun nonetheless. Finish it up! See ya WinT


WinTang responds:

Hehehehe, nice one mate. Nice to hear from you again!

Expansion of this song is in preparation. I will strive to make it as evil as possible, and will probably invent a few new riffs to fuck around with. It'll be fun.

The Clockwork Orange reference fills me with joy. Thanks a lot and see ya around!

Via sound engine perhaps?

This is cool. Could definitely become a great track. I'm loving the synth and even more so, that pad is fantastic. I can really hear the difference that your midi keyboard is making. Niiiicce.

Check out the new musics www.soundcloud.com/f unk-manchu

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